What do you do when crap happens

What Do You Do When Crap Happens In Your Life?

If you’re like most people, you’ve had those times in your life when you are totally crushed. I don’t know anyone who’s gone through life without getting pushed down at some point.

Last week I experienced one of those moments when I lost my pup Morgen. On Monday she appeared healthy and happy, Tuesday she got sick and on Saturday she went to heaven. This was so unexpected that I was in no way prepared for it. What also made this really difficult, is that she was the third furbaby I’ve lost in the span of 13 months. All my beloved mini-schnauzers are now in heaven. I’m devastated, and definitely feeling raw and vulnerable right now.

But I’ve learned to sit with these feelings. I’ve learned to stay open. I’ve learned that things you don’t understand may lead you to things you don’t expect. And that’s what happened for me.

When we are in our deepest darkest moments AND we have the courage to ENGAGE with those emotions and search our heart for the WHY of those emotions – this is where our greatest growth and clarity come from.

And it does take courage to sit in the rawness of your feelings. To feel the pain. To not numb it with distractions, food, or other vices. To not lash out at others because you are feeling bad. To not go to those stories that you tell yourself about not being good enough, not being lovable enough or that your life will never get any better.

And when you take a moment to recognize and become aware of how you’re feeling, you can begin to move through that pain. And when you are walking in awareness, it is then that you can take the next step and ask yourself “Why am I feeling hurt, unloved, not good enough (whatever that feeling is for you)? What happened to make me feel this way?”

When you are able to look at the situation and take the lesson from it, this is where your growth is going to come from.

I was re-reading Brene Brown’s Rising Strong (I’m deep-diving my participants through this book at my next retreat) and had a HUGE “aha” that brought complete clarity to me. One that will change the trajectory of my life and business. Why did this happen now – at this precise time? I believe because emotionally I was so raw and because I was OPEN. It’s such a huge lesson for all of us that I wanted to share.

Don’t stay in your pain, shame, blame, grief or pity. Don’t let these emotions hijack your life. Own the crap that is happening and decide that it’s not going to define your or control your life. Do this because there is so much more waiting for you.

Get personal with your feelings … no more pushing them aside and not dealing with them. Your greatest growth is going to come from those moments. xo

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