• Heather has an insatiable appetite for personal development, has a gift for facilitation and a passion for helping women lead their best lives. She not only teaches but leads by example and I'm so grateful our paths crossed. My life is forever changed as a result. I highly recommend you consider experiencing one of her retreats.

    Sue Sutcliffe
  • It is rare to run into someone who truly devotes their life to the betterment and improvement of others. But every now and then you do come across such a person and that is Heather DelRosario. She does so selflessly and masterfully with her workshop design and coaching. I would recommend Life Shift to anyone who wants to invest in their own personal development and who would like a couple of days to slow down and re-asses where they are at and where it is they want to be going. The many hands-on, creative activities were the icing on the cake of this weekend of personal transformation for me! Thank you Heather!

    Lydia Meiring
  • I wasn't sure exactly what I was coming for even though I knew I had opportunity for improvement in my life. I came with an open mind and the path I have traveled over a weekend will allow me to change my life and live the life I want. Thank you!

    Sarah Howlett
  • Heather helped me see the light in my life. She is so genuine, a great communicator, she listens, has empathy and loves what she does. She is honest and trustworthy! Thank you for your blessings.

    Cheryl Brown