Are You Programmed For Abundance?

Last week I spent three amazing days in a room of 25 women entrepreneurs learning, sharing and growing. Although we were there learning about growing our business, we also spoke about the things that hold us back. One of the things I heard over and over again was a lack in abundance.

My business is speaking with women and I know that this lack of abundance is not just felt by women entrepreneurs. I have spoken to hundreds of women, and there are many out there who are struggling to “just get by”.

And the sad thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way.

There shouldn’t be a gap between the abundance of your higher being (God, Universe … whatever it is that you believe in) and the lack that many people feel in their lives. When you say, “How am I going to pay for that? I never have enough money,” you have found yourself in that gap, because there is no denying that wealth can be endlessly created. So the question is, why don’t you have your share?

I believe it all has to do with your intentions. In his book The Power of Intention, Dr. Wayne Dyer says “Your intention to feel successful and experience prosperity and abundance depends on what view you have of yourself, the universe, and most important, the field of intention from which success and abundance will come.”

So if the way you look at life and what you can have is based on what you’ve been taught by external influences such as family, community and society, then your viewpoint is likely holding you back. But even more important is what you believe you are worthy of having and achieving. And those stories are all influenced by your beliefs of limitation, scarcity and pessimism about what’s possible for you. When you are living with these limiting viewpoints, attracting abundance and success is an impossibility.

But the good news is, that attracting abundance is possible when you change the way you look at your life. When we understand intention and change our intention, when we see the world as abundant and giving, that is when your intentions are real possibilities.

When you change your thinking from “I never have enough money” to “I have enough money” you are allowing your higher source to provide for you. Your spirit is always going to give you what you ask for.

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