You truly can have everything you want in life and in business. Sometimes all it takes is a few minor tweaks… and sometimes you need a major overhaul. I’m here to help! Whether it’s to help you find that last missing link or if it’s to totally restructure the way you think and do things.

Then you’ll definitely want to take part in one of my retreats!

Learn the skills you need to be successful in one of our amazing programs.


These transformational retreats provide strategies and tools you use to break down barriers and shift the behaviors that hold you back.  You will learn practical ways to help strengthen the connection to your own internal guidance system, while discovering life-enhancing tools to help move you towards the  abundant and purposeful life that you were born to live.

As you explore and discover a new way of being you, you’ll make friendships, experience nature and let your creative self soar.

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June 22 – 24

It’s time to stop hiding from your greatness. Don’t let your fear stand between you and your ability to live life fully. Imagine how your life would be different if you had no fear? You’ll learn strategies to crush those fears so you can live the life you were meant for.

You’ll step outside your fears in the beautiful Haliburton Forest where you’ll walk in the clouds and have an experience that you won’t soon forget. 

August 18/19

Whether you’re seeking to live a life of fulfillment, or know that there is something more for you, you are about to discover the secret to living the life of your dreams.

If you’ve been trying to figure out what you are supposed to be doing with your life, you are about to find out how to awaken your sacred dreams.

September 15/16

Break through your emotional barriers as you discover meaning in your life. You will uncover an entirely new way of thinking and and move yourself to a life of abundance.

You’ll find calm and grounding as you experience forest therapy where you will clear your mind and open your senses.


Need a weekend away?  You are going to love these retreats that are new in 2018! Feed your soul, get your creativity on and relax in the beauty of nature. 

Give yourself a reprieve from the clamour of life and provide yourself some ‘you’ time. Learn new skills, get inspired, meet like-minded women and recharge your batteries in these uplifting retreats.

Are you longing for a unique break, for some precious “me time” filled with creative inspiration?

The beautiful setting will help you to relax and take a welcome break from busy life. You’ll cleanse your mind through guided mindfulness and mindset practices.

You’ll release your inner tension as you create two amazing wood signs to take home with you to keep you inspired. No talent necessary, we make it easy for you! 

July 21/22

Get ready for an amazing weekend learning from master forager Carolyn Langdon.  She’s been profiled by CBC, the Ottawa Citizen and other media and was an adviser to Naked and Afraid, a Discovery Channel series in which participants survived a three-week ordeal in the wild. 

You’ll participate in guided forages and enjoy wild gastronomical feasts.

Stay tuned for more information soon.

August 2018

If you’ve been wanting to get your creative on, then this weekend is for you.

Working with an amazing artisan you will experience an unforgettable weekend of creativity while you soothe your soul in nature.

We’re just finalizing details, watch for them coming soon.

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